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    Slot machine games are undeniably the most popular games among players worldwide. Here at online HEX, we will provide you with adequate information that relates to online slot machines, their history, their features and possibly you will get a chance to enjoy these games free at our site. Due to the popularity of the slot games, players have always dreamt of having all their favorite games all at one place. Here at Online HEX, our team has done a brilliant job in creating a list of free slot machines from different providers, of different features, types, and variations.

    Below is a history of slot machines

    Slot machines are vastly popular and it would be hard to come across an individual who has not yet heard about these enjoyable games. So, what exactly is slot machine? They are machines that feature games, are solely based on luck and chance. They range from 3-5 reels have a different number of pay lines, varied bonus and systems and different symbols and features. Although they have different features they all have similarities like bright interfaces and common sound and visual effects.

    Online slots have come along from the land-based slot machines, which most people are conversant with. Online slots can be termed as computerized versions of these famous land-based slot machines, but the main difference is that there is a wider range of games with better graphics and payouts as well.

    The first casino slot machines were sighted in New York in the late 1890’s. The original one from Sittman and Pitt Company and the second one from Liberty Bell Charles Fey. Ever since this their demand has grown. Humanity achieved first fruit machines, Silent Bells and Operator Bells.

    This was followed up shortly by Dollar Slot Machine, which was the first electro-technical slots in the world in the 1950’s, then Bally’s Money Honey and Big Bertha. Players and gamblers finally had the chance to win big through multiple bets and higher jackpots. The industrial revolution that characterized the 1980’s also caught up with casinos and this meant that the world most popular casino game was eventually computerized.

    From the renowned one arm bandit to the online slot machine

    The revolution of the slot machine exponentially grew in 1995 when the first online casino came to be and with it, the very first online slot games. Since then, these games have been identified with many players as enjoyable and, to say the least.

    Part of the reason why these slot games are enjoyable is the ease of access and play it offers to players. Players can make a minimum deposit, a maximum bet or a figure in between, spin the reel and wait for the perfect combination that will ensure a win. There are many online slot sites that offer strategies and tips on how to win and maximize your chances of winning the coveted prizes. But in truth, these online slots use a random generating number better known as RNG which offers an equal and fair chance to all players to win.



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