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    As far as new slots go, they usually come packing a lot of features that were previously not featured in the classic slot games that debuted a couple of years ago. This is because they are aimed at making the gaming experience better and give players a better shot of winning prizes.

    Bonus rounds

    The new slots bonus rounds are much more intriguing especially compared to the fee spins bonus rounds that were previously associated with classic slots. New slots bonus rounds are much more engaging and draw the players closer to the game.

    From having to choose from a list of bonuses to get from each round to even playing another game, new slot bonus rounds are definitely more captivating.

    Wild symbols

    These games are featured as a main gaming element by new slot games, which have different forms. Sub sequentially this wild symbols feature on different slots and add onto the gaming experience in a way only new slots can do.

    Winning lines

    When the slots games debuted in the casino industry they had only a maximum of three winning lines. In a tremendous contrast to this new slots have had this number rise to over a thousand! To put it into perspective a high number of winning lines mean a higher chance of big prizes. So figuratively speaking, new slots are more profitable than classic slots.

    In as much as the new features can sound a little complicated it also means that the gaming experience is massively impacted in a positive way.

    To add onto the brilliant captivating features that the latest slots offer, promotions and bonuses can also be categorized as features included in new slots. Although some might be similar to the classic ones, I assure you they have subtle variations.

    Free spins

    New slots offer a feature that allows players to play but in the event they would not want to use real money to do so free spins come in handy.

    No deposit bonus

    This feature is usually associated with new casino games, which compel the casinos to offer a small deposit for the new players to draw others to the casino and allow them to play new slots at no cost. No deposit bonus means that immediately after creating your account, the casino gives you a certain amount of money. It’s a perfect way to kick of your playing experience without losing real money.

    New slots generally offer more fun as they are upgraded versions of the previous slot games with better technology, graphics and overall gameplay. New slots are optimized to ensure that whether you are playing on your PC or mobile phone the experience is smooth. The 3D animated slots are coupled with amazing sound tracks that make for a stunning gaming experience. It doesn’t really matter whether you prefer playing for free of staking money to win more, the gaming experience is always exciting and fun. Here at SlotsDoc, we recommend the best new slot games with the best bonuses as well as we wish you the best of luck and big wins.



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